Elmira’s New 2nd District City Councilman

On Friday, January 27th, Elmira Mayor Danny Mandell appointed Rev. Corey Cooke of Monumental Baptist Church as the new Council member for the 2nd District until January 1, 2024. When Democrat Brent Stermer ran a successful bid and won the election for the 11th District Chemung County Legislator seat, it was necessary to fill the seat vacated by Brent’s win.

As are the rules of the City of Elmira, the seat was to be filled by a member of the sitting political party. The CCDC Vetting Committee canvassed the 2nd District for members and non-members who would adequately represent the concerns and issues important to District residents and Pastor Cooke emerged as the winning selection. When asked what he’ll do in the interview announcing his appointment, Pastor Cooke stated: “I just want to pick up where Brent left off and just kind of extend the branches into the residential side of the district.” As a homeowner in the 2nd district, he also stated: “I live where you live and I love what you love.” See his full interview on WETM here.

He stated that he intends to bring focus to the rundown condition of the many rental properties in the district and the homeless population in the city. Pastor Cooke was sworn into office at the City Council meeting January 30th in Elmira City Hall. Well wishers were invited to both the Swearing-In and the inaugural reception held at the Chemung County Democratic Headquarters.

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