Offices Up for Election in 2023

2023 Local Election

2023 is local election year for Chemung County and up for vote will be some key positions in the county, city & towns. One of the key issues for the CCDC has been that many of the offices won by Republicans have run unopposed by Democratic candidates in past elections. Chairman of the Chemung County Democratic Party, Jamal Malik wants that to change. “New York is a Blue state. Let’s turn Chemung County Blue. It’s the opinion of the Party that every single office currently held by a Republican should be challenged by a Democratic candidate. The citizens of Chemung County are not happy with the status quo of how things are. We need some answers, like: Where did the rest of the ARP money go? Why aren’t the 2nd District’s dilapidated zombie houses and absentee landlords being addressed? Why aren’t we bringing new industries and jobs for the people of Chemung County? What’s the plan for the homeless population? We’re shooting for at least 1,500 new voter registrations in the county this year.”

New elections bring new possibilities and new hope for change. There will be 49 offices up for election in the county of Chemung in November. A County Court Judgeship, Mayors offices in both Elmira City and Horseheads, a multitude of Council seats, justices and constable positions in the city and towns throughout the county. See the list of offices here: Offices up for Election.

Our challenge will not only be finding worthy candidates to challenge the incumbents but getting the voters of Chemung County to come out and vote at all. According to the Chemung County Board of Elections there are 56,392 registered voters. Of that number there are 16,516 Democratic voters, 12,580 Blank voters (not registered with either party), 2,775 Independent voters, 938 Conservative voters, 255 Working Families Party voters, 207 Libertarians voters, 122 Liberty Party voters, 103 Green Party voters, a few dozen small party registrants and 22,480 registered Republicans. There are burning issues we’re all concerned about. Together the citizens of Chemung can change the direction of this county, but only if we work together and take action to cast our votes. Voter turnout in the last election was abysmally low. We’ve got to change that, and listen, you don’t have to vote straight party tickets. If you see a good candidate that deserves your vote, cast it. So we’ll be ramping up the heat for not only your support, but for your vote! Join us!

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