Candidates for NY State Democratic Committee: Deborah Lynch and Jackie Wilson

The Democratic Party is divided into three levels, or committees, with representatives at the National, State, and County Committees. The Democratic State Committee has the potential to meaningfully shape the political landscape here in New York. It is responsible for:

  • Overseeing campaign spending
  • Writing the Party’s platform
  • Selecting Democratic National Committee Members
  • Endorsing Statewide Candidates
  • Setting and Enforcing the Ethics Code
  • Encouraging Political Activism

This all affects how the Party operates and the candidates we see on the ballot that are supposed to represent our community.

In the upcoming June 23rd election, there are two candidates running to represent Chemung County on the NY State Democratic Committee: Deborah Lynch and Jackie Wilson. You can learn  about each candidate by clicking on the links below.

Deborah Lynch Resume     Jackie Wilson Resume

Deborah Lynch Facebook                                            .  


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