(VIDEO) Friend to Face Challenger, Bill Batrowny, in November

Incumbent Chris Friend (R, Big Flats) will face Democrat Bill Batrowny in the General Election in Nov. for the 124th Assembly District seat.

Batrowny is an Elmira native who now lives in Big Flats. He also worked for 28 years with the Elmira Police Department, working his way up from a uniformed officer to a detective sergeant, after being discharged from the U.S. Military Police Corp.

Batrowny says he thinks he can bring issues up in Albany, and also act upon them. Of the key issues Batrowny finds to be important, corruption and ethics reform is a high priority.

“Issues like corruption and ethics reform are something we are half-stepping on, we need to really make an effort to fix that, and I’m the one that can do it. I have the investigative skills and the desire to bring the real issues up into Albany,” said Batrowny.



by Tanner Jubenville | tannerjubenville@wetmtv.com

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