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Jim Carr
Guest Columnist  |  Published in the Star-Gazette on Sunday, July 18, 2021

This year’s New York state budget delivered by a Democratic supermajority had lots to celebrate for our local communities.

The American Rescue plan, which passed Congress without one Republican vote, is helping average Americans, as well as states and local communities. Unlike Republicans in Congress, Democrats delivered at the federal and state level.

Here are some examples of what was in this year’s New York state budget. 2021 has been a year full of accomplishments for New York Democrats, who guaranteed:

$29 billion in green economy investments.

A $311 billion, largest-in-the-nation infrastructure plan.

Over $2.2 billion in middle-class tax cuts.

New York Democrats always fight to protect middleclass taxpayers. In 2021, they have guaranteed:

A $2.7 billion rental assistance program.

Over $2.2 billion in middle-class tax cuts.

$800 million in small-business recovery funds.

In 2021, New York Democrats have fought to make our state one where all New Yorkers can thrive by guaranteeing:

The elimination of the gender-discriminating “pink tax.”

Up to seven days of paid sick leave.

A $2.1 billion fund for workers excluded from federal benefits.

New York Democrats know how important a robust education system is. They have guaranteed:

A $213 million investment in higher education.

A first-in-the-nation need based loan forgiveness program.

$10 million for student mental health.

While the GOP in Washington focuses on enriching themselves, New York Democrats focus on our middle class. The 2021 budget includes:

Over $2.2 billion in middle class tax cuts.

$800 million in small business recovery funds.

A need-based loan forgiveness program.

New York Democrats think big! That’s why this year’s budget includes record investments across our state:

A $311 billion, largest-in-the-nation infrastructure plan.

$29.5 billion in school aid.

8 $3.5 billion in assistance for renters and small businesses.

New York Democrats know that a fully green New York is the only way forward. That’s why the 2021 budget includes:

$29 billion in green economy investments.

A permanent ban on hydrofracking.

A 70% renewable energy mandate.

New York Democrats deliver, and Joe Biden and congressional Democrats need your help to convince Republicans to stop their obstruction and get on board for the American people. So they, too, can deliver in a bipartisan way.

Jim Carr is a Millport resident.

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