A Message from the Chair

When people elected to serve our community won’t listen, it’s time to elect new people who will! We need to reach out and recruit diverse candidates who care about the dignity of all people they wish to represent. We should work with labor and religious groups as well as community leaders and the Working Families Party, to build a pipeline for progressive candidates–‐including women, minorities, members of civic groups and local labor unions. We need to create a team of activists to run for local offices–‐Village Boards, Town Boards, School Boards and County Level Offices–‐ to create a farm team of local leaders who with our help will run for higher office down the road.
We also need to remind voters that austerity is what drives economic demise and trickle down economics hasn’t worked! Tax cuts don’t drive a local economy investment in infrastructure and it’s people do. Good public policy will always help build a better community.

WANTED: Good Candidates who care about their community not just select groups or promoting their own self interests. Candidates who understand firsthand the difficulties facing their community. Local candidates who walk their talk and will work to build a better more prosperous community while working for all the people. Who are in it to win it walking with palm cards, going door to door, running phone banks and mailing post cards.

If this sounds like you or someone you know contact me or recruit them help them and give them my contact information. It all comes down to finding people who care and are willing to walk the walk! Who when elected aren’t afraid to make unpopular choices when in pursuit of the common good.

Jim Carr
County Chair

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