About the Chemung County Democratic Committee


The Chemung County Democratic Committee’s mission is to recruit and/or support qualified, ethical candidates for all elective offices representing, but not limited to Chemung County. The committee will strengthen the community by connecting citizens to the political process through voter outreach and education. This committee strives to be open, inclusive, and accessible to all individuals who share the Democratic foundation of beliefs.

  • The Chemung County Democratic Committee is accountable to the communities it serves
  • The Chemung County Democratic Committee sustains its mission through responsible fund raising and fiscal management
  • The Chemung County Democratic Committee encourages open dialogue that promotes involvement in the democratic process
We strive to establish a strong platform, which assists our committee to develop and align our values, beliefs and goals to the Democratic Party ideals. The Chemung County Democratic Committee will recruit and elect candidates who listen to, respond, and serve our citizens and our community.

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