Chemung County Democratic Committee elects new Chair

Below is the content of a press release announcing the election of Jamal Malik as the new Chair of the Chemung County Democratic Committee.

A printable PDF of the press release is attached below

Elmira, NY— October 7, 2022 — The Chemung County Democratic Committee has elected a new Committee Chair. Jamal Abdul Malik, who will supersede past Chair Dora Leland, has won by an overwhelming majority.

Malik, the first African American Chair in the history of the CCDC, is a resident of Elmira, NY whose family has lived here for 5 generations. He comes from a long line of public service firsts; his father was the first African American Policeman for the Elmira Police Department, his uncle the first Firefighter, his brother served on the Elmira City School Board and ran for the seat in the 124th NY Assembly district.

In his acceptance speech thanking the Committee members for their vote, Malik stated: “Change is here, and it begins with you. We must find a way to repair the things that divide us, forgive the wrongs that have been done and demonstrate to our constituents, that this is the way forward. With transparency, we will be able to lead with integrity, inspire trust and change the political landscape of Chemung County.” He went on to state: “Our goal is to register at least 1500 new voters within our district. We must engage our young adults and provide Civic education. We must conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and maintain a healthy, positive, respectful, an inclusive environment. Now, let’s increase our momentum for the election ahead on November 8th! “

In closing Malik thanked Dora Leland for her great leadership over the last 3 difficult years, inclusive of the Covid Pandemic. Jamal Abdul Malik has been a member of the CCDC for 6 years and has previously served as overseas Chairman of Democrats Abroad UAE County Committee from 2012 to 2015.

In addition to Malik, the new term officers of the CCDC include: Executive Committee Town Vice Chair: Jim Carr, City Vice Chair: Jackie Wilson, Corresponding Secretary: Mary Collins, Recording Secretary: John Liquori, Treasurer: Tina Kane, Assistant Treasurer: Diane Seifert, Election Commissioner: Jim Hare, City Chair: Jimmy Russell, Towns Chair: Tom Kager, Southport Town Chair: Mary Mase, Horseheads Town Chair: Mary Kager, Elmira Town Chair: Bushra Sheikh, Big Flats Town Chair: Joyce Hyatt, Veteran Town Chair: Jim Carr, and Catlin Town Chair: Jim Hassle. Elmira City District Captains will be determined at a future meeting.


Printable PDF of the press release available here.

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