Chemung Democratic Committee Welcomes New Chair

Picture of Jim Carr (former chair) left and Dora Leland (succeeding chair) right


     Chemung County Democratic Committee welcomes their new chair Dora Leland. Incumbent Chair Jim Carr stepped down after 7 years of service. Through Jim’s leadership, the committee has grown from seven people to over seventy and has made vast improvements in its outreach to the community. Jim stated “It has been an Honor to serve as Chair of the Chemung County Democratic Committee for the last seven plus years. During my time as Chair we worked to build the Democratic Party in Chemung County and give voters choices on Election Day. We challenged the status quo by running good quality candidates at the local level. We elected three Democrats to the county legislature and ran a competitive race for County Executive. Local Democrats will continue to work to find quality candidates and improve our community. We will challenge the old guard of the local GOP in Chemung County government. We will recruit candidates who will place their constituents needs above self interest and personal gain. I fully support our new chair Dora Leland who will continue to grow our Democratic Party in Chemung County”.

     Upon receiving the nod from the full Democratic Committee during the June 11 meeting, Dora stated, “I am excited for the opportunity to serve as chair. I believe I have the skills and commitment needed to grow our committee. As an educator, labor leader and community organizer, I have worked to build coalitions within various groups in the community to bring about change. Connecting to other organizations in a meaningful way is integral to affecting meaningful and positive change for people of Chemung County. I honor the opportunity to serve as chair and welcome working with the committee to continue to build upon the momentum and success that Jim Carr’s leadership has resulted in“.

     The Chemung County Democratic Committee is committed to strengthening the community by connecting citizens to the political process through active voter outreach and education. We strive to be open, inclusive and accessible to all individuals who share the Democratic foundation of beliefs.

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