Chemung Dems to host session, How to protect yourself after Equifax Identity Breach

Chemung County Democratic Committee to host session, “How to protect yourself after the Equifax Identity Breach”

The Chemung County Democratic Committee will host a session on protecting yourself after the recent Equifax identity breach, Wednesday, September 27th 6:00pm at the Sheetmetal Worker’s Hall, 1200 Clemens Center Parkway near Wegman’s plaza.

Chemung County Democratic Committee members Jerome Emanuel and Andy Patros will be hosting the evening’s q & a session.

Emanuel has over 20 years experience in automotive finance and management, and he’ll be the presenter for the evening.  Patros is a former Chemung County Legislator.

“In my many years involved with financing and automotive credit, this incident with the Equifax identity breach is one of the most far reaching and impactful that I’ve ever seen.”, said Jerome Emanuel.

“Over 143 million people were affected by this breach, with social security numbers and drivers’ licenses having been exposed and now out there. We just want to provide good solid information and steps people should consider taking to protect themselves.”, continued Emanuel.

“We want people to bring their questions and concerns to the session, so that clarity on this issue can be provided. “, said Andy Patros.

“In the last two weeks since the breach incident happened, a lot of good information has been distributed and shared online and in the media. But it’s also caused much confusion on what are the best ways to approach this. “, continued Patros.




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