Remarks from New York State Chairman Jay S. Jacobs

Dear Democrats,

Super Tuesday is upon us! Between now and Election Day, we must work nonstop to implement our plans for victory and turn out every Democrat to vote — and it won’t be possible without the commitment and action of supporters like you.

There is so much on the line this November. And as Democrats, we refuse to stand by and let Republicans go after our values and dismantle everything we’ve worked so hard to build and protect. We don’t need to look any further than right here in New York to see what a difference having Democrats in office makes. Here in New York, we are investing in a $3 billion bond to fight climate change, are continuing to develop historic infrastructure projects like the new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, and we are supporting middle class families by increasing paid family leave to implementing paid sick leave. We are also expanding free college tuition to more New Yorkers and will continue to fight for middle class tax cuts. We are fighting the new wave of hate and anti-Semitism with increased funding and introducing the Hate Crime Anti-Terrorism Act. Enough is enough.

Later this spring, New York Democrats will also be participating in this ever-important process to select our own delegates for the National Convention. Together, we will defeat Donald Trump and take back the White House.


Jay S. Jacobs


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