Say No to Constitutional Convention: A Public Forum

We had a very successful evening at the Steelworker’s Hall on Corning.

Well over 100 community members came to learn about the implications of a NYS Constitutional Convention. NYS AFL-CIO Political Director Ryan Delgado explained the process and details involved in conducting a constitutional convention in NYS as well as the harmful impact it would have on citizens of NY.


Barry Kaufmann- NYS Alliance of Retired Americans president spoke about the impact a convention could have on retirees throughout the state.

Thanks to both for presenting the facts and answering questions about this important event. The bottom line is a constitutional convention could cost upwards of $200 mil.



It is an unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars in which the same politicians who have corrupted the system would be running the convention.

We must speak with our families, friends and neighbors. There is too much at stake! VOTE NO!


Convention: What’s at Stake

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