Statement on the Hate Crime Murders in Buffalo

“First, I would like to extend my love, support and prayers to the victims, families, and communities affected by the thirteen Black people shot, ten of which were massacred, at a supermarket in the City of Buffalo…all while being live-streamed.  This could have easily happened in Elmira. Our response as a community, or lack-there-of, sends a message to Black members of our community of who we are and what we stand for. As a member of our Black community, as well as many other ethnicities who sympathize with the victims of this racist act of violence, I would like to encourage us all to stand in solidarity and mourn the events of May 14th, 2022. The shooter targeted a moderately low-income, Black community, and executed Mothers, Sons, Daughters and Grandparents because of the color of their skin. Together, our hearts feel the pain and sorrow for the City of Buffalo. This could have been us, and this could and can happen here. Our voices need to be heard and we need to publicly condemn this act of terror and identify this for what it is…an evil act and racist hate crime.” – Jerome Emmanuel

The Chemung County Democratic Committee, as well as candidates for local office and community leaders,  will hold a joint press conference at 4:30 PM on Thursday, May 19, in front of the John H. Hazlett Building at 203 Lake Street, Elmira, New York.

Jerome Emmanuel, community leader and local businessman, will introduce the speakers, which will include Tanisha Logan-Lattimore, candidate for County Legislature from the 11th District; Arthur L. Jones, III, candidate for County Legislature from the 9th District; and Willie Owens, who will speak about his work with the Program for PEACE.
The speakers will address the mass killing of Black New Yorkers by a self proclaimed white supremacist in Buffalo on May 14

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