Truth About the Role of constable- Opinion by Mike Seifert

The following letter appeared in the opinion section of the Elmira Star Gazette on Sunday October 25, 2020.

Truth about the role of constable

In this strange year of COVID-19, strife in our cities, and campaign madness, let’s talk honestly about what still binds us together: our sense of community and our common culture, rooted in traditions we share with friends and neighbors.

They represent many cultures and walks of life. Our diversity makes us strong. There is no place in society for dishonest political discourse, nor is there room for misinformation about our city government and its functions. Justice matters. Truth matters.

I am one of two constables serving the City of Elmira, a difficult but necessary part-time role. The duties are carried out by both current city constables with dignity and respect for all involved parties. Providing honest warrant service to city court is necessary.

My opponent has promised to end evictions forever in Elmira. Sadly, that is not possible, nor is it part of the role of constable. Social media attacks on the office of constable, the people serving in that capacity, and deceit about what local and state laws governing rental properties might allow once warrant service resumes only serves to confuse already stressed voters and cloud the truth.

Reject empty promises. Be a realistic, well in-formed voter. Make your voice heard.

Mike Seifert, Elmira city constable

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