Yard Signs Should Be Respected : Opinion by Jim Carr

Yard signs should be respected

We at Democratic Headquarters have received numerous complaints from all over Chemung County about the theft of Biden-Harris and Tracy Mitrano yard signs.

I can only assume that there are individuals who support Trump-Pence and Rep. Tom Reed for re-election who do not respect free speech and the open democratic process. It is a fact that all of these signs for Democratic candidates are disappearing from private property.

Just two years ago, Tom Reed’s campaign staff accused a good man, a local pastor, of theft for the removal of a Reed sign that contained a tracking device from public property . They even filed a criminal complaint against this pastor, who pleaded not guilty. The charge of petit larceny was dismissed without penalties in Corning Town Court .

Candidates’ lawn signs are celebrations of the political freedom that we all should be able to enjoy. We all share responsibility to protect this freedom. In this chaotic election year, we need civility and decorum, not disrespect and theft of property.

Signs in our yards on private property should be safe from theft and/or vandalism. Neighbors, fellow community members, let’s respect one another and set a good example for our new voters.

Jim Carr, Millport

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