CCDC Headquarters

The Chemung County Democratic Committee has established a year round Headquarters in downtown Elmira at 110 N. Main St. This new and exciting project is in full alignment with the Committee’s stated mission:

“As an organization determined to be ‘open, inclusive, and accessible to all individuals,’ a year round presence in central downtown Elmira will give us greater opportunities to carry out our mission to recruit and/or support qualified Democratic candidates for all elective offices, and strengthen our communities by connecting citizens to the political process through voter outreach and education.”

To that end, we need to educate people, especially young people, about the responsibilities and opportunities for changing our community in Chemung County. A year round presence will do just that.

Through the HQ, the Chemung County Democratic Committee will be more than a visible presence. It will reach out to our communities by sponsoring and/or co-sponsoring events that reflect our inclusive Democratic values. This will be include, but not limited to:

• Lectures/events on civics and politics.

• Monthly CCDC meetings

• Election HQ for political campaigns

• School field trips and programs

• Offices for CCDC Exec Members

Below are a few pictures of this wonderful and inclusive new space.