Run For Office

If you are interested in running for Local Office as a Democrat, we are here to help you. Our Candidate Support Committee will help you in every step of the process, from understanding and navigating the NYS election filing process, fundraising, campaigning, and getting your message to The People.

Below are some of the important dates in the 2022 election calendar:
First day to sign petitions: February 28, 2023
Dates for filing petitions: April 3-6, 2023
Early voting for Primary: June 17-25, 2023
Primary Election: June 27, 2023
First day to sign Independent petitions: April 18, 2023
Dates for filing Independent petitions: May 23-30, 2023
Early voting for General Election: Oct 28-Nov 5, 2023
General Election Day: Nov 7, 2023

Please fill out this ONLINE FORM, then hit submit and a member of our Candidate Support Committee will get back to you shortly.

If you prefer, you may print out the completed form and mail it to:
Candidate Support
Democratic Headquarters
110 N. Main St.
Elmira, New York  14901

A member of our Candidate Support Committee will get back to you shortly.
Below  is a list of the Chemung County Democratic Committee’s core values. Before you make your decision to run to run for office as a Democrat, read them, and make sure that your values align with the Committee. If they do, we would love to support your candidacy!

I ascribe to the following core Democratic values and beliefs in running for public office in Chemung County:
1. We support and affirm the importance of open and transparent government at all levels.
2. We encourage cooperation and respectful support of our fellow committee members while pursuing goals in the best interest of CCDC.
3. Equal opportunity, justice, and equality for all under our rules and bylaws in a manner consistent with honoring the differences in others of varying races, creeds, sexes, abilities, ages, incomes, and educational levels.
4. We support a free public and quality education for every American.
5. We support a system of affordable high quality healthcare for all Americans as a basic human right.
6. We pledge to support, protect and defend our ecosystem and the environment, upon which all life on earth is dependent.
7. We support a government for all the people rather than a government suited only for plutocrats and the wealthy.
8. We support equal work for fair pay (a living wage) and fair labor conditions and standards for all Americans.
9. We support an America that works first through international cooperation and diplomacy, using military force only as a last resort and then only with the full approval of the president as well as both houses of congress.
10. We support reproductive rights and a woman’s right to have control over her own body.
11. We support election reform and a move away from privately funded campaigns to a system of transparent, publicly funded elections emphasizing ideas about issues over campaign spending.
12. We acknowledge the importance of the American labor movement and support efforts to strengthen collective bargaining efforts in America while opposing efforts to limit or weaken labor.
13. We support free public access to broadband and high quality internet for all citizens regardless of income.
14. We support safe, affordable housing, affordable quality medical care and secure living conditions for all.
15. We affirm and agree that there must be a balance of power between our president, the Congress, and the judicial branch of government, and recognize that overemphasis on militarism or unbridled executive power threatens our constitution and our citizenry.